This week’s Gospel, Old Testament and

New Testament readings fit together very

well. The themes of light, the glory of God,

and things that blind us run through all three

passages. In fact, we don’t really appreciate

what’s going on in Mark 9 without some

awareness of the Old Testament background.

‘Six days later’ echoes Moses’ face-to-face

encounter with God in the clouds on top of

Mount Sinai (Exodus 24.15-18). In 2 Kings 2,

Elijah is taken up into heaven in a chariot

of fire at the end of his life, and his mantle

passes to the prophet Elisha, who will carry

forward the power and glory of God. Moses

and Elijah both appear on the mountain with


At the Transfiguration, God’s glory focuses

on the person of Jesus. He becomes dazzling

white with God’s presence (v.3) and makes

his glory known in the world. Everything that

has gone before has been leading up to this

moment. And through Jesus, we can carry

something of God’s glory with us.

In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul uses the Exodus

image of Moses covering his face because it

is shining so brightly with divine glory. He

suggests that the truth is ‘veiled’: that those

who do not see th glory of God in the face of

Jesus have been blinded by ‘the god of this

world’ (v.4). This should prompt us to reflect on

what can prevent us from seeing God’s glory

and understanding what he is doing around us.

A prayer to see God’s glory Look at the flames of a candle.

Creator God,

the world is full of your amazing works,

which shine out like flames, dancing on a candle.

Open our eyes to your glory,

and help us to sparkle with your beauty and love. Amen.

A personal prayer

Jesus, God’s beloved child,

help me to listen for your voice,

and watch for your blessing,|

with faith, obedience and gratitude. Amen.

A prayer for the week

Lord of light, guide us each day,

and let the light of your glory shine through us

into the lives of all those we meet.

May the dazzling light of your presence bring us comfort and hope

whenever we feel sad or worried. Amen.

Live your faith 11th - 17th February 2018

Read, pray, reflect and live your faith this week

This week’s Bible readings (Click on the readings, to read them!)

This week’s Bible readings Mark 9.2-9 2 Kings 2.1-12 2 Corinthians 4.3-6

God at work

Notes on the Bible readings

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Live your faith

Look for things or people that speak to you of God’s glory. Then, think about how you might reflect God’s glory to those you meet.

Questions for reflection

▶▶ When did the glory of God last break through into      your day?

▶▶ What might blind us to God’s glory?

▶▶ How can we help people perceive the glory of God?

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