Lasting fruit

Notes on the Bible readings

The Acts reading is set at the house

of Cornelius, a Gentile centurion, who

summons Peter after a vision. Peter has

preached the full gospel of Jesus’ life, death

and resurrection to those gathered and

the Holy Spirit is poured out on them. The

entire household praises God and is quickly

baptized – the first Gentile converts in the

Roman world. They accept the truth of the

resurrection and God’s invitation to be loved,

and take on the responsibilities of faith and


The first letter of John continues the

theme of love and responsibility. Those who

love God love the children of God, and follow

his commands. Yet we are assured that this

responsibility is not burdensome, for the path

of faith leads to victory.

John 15 is a more polished version of the

letter and probably by the same author. In

poetic prose it records Jesus’ teaching for

the communities that would live on after

his death. In his final words to his disciples,

Jesus summarises God’s commands as simply

to ‘love one another as I have loved you’. He

gives a supreme example of this: laying down

one’s life for one’s friends, which he was to

do, literally.

As God loves Jesus and Jesus loves us, so

we are invited to love others. The challenge

for us is to find out what that means in

practice. How can we live for others more

than ourselves?

A prayer for resolve

Your love for us, God, is enduring,

never ending, for ever, eternal.

Our love for you so often falters

and stumbles and stammers along.

We confess that we don’t always take our responsibilities for each

other seriously;

we don’t always show the friendship we ought;

we don’t always think what you would have us do.

Forgive us, we pray,

and strengthen our resolve to be more loving. Amen.

A prayer of adoration and praise

From the depth of our beings, we adore you, Loving God.

We rejoice in your message, marvel at your words,

are astounded at your deeds, are inspired by your Spirit,

and feel overwhelmed by who you are.

We rejoice that you speak to us in ways we understand,

and in times when we need to know you are with us.

We rejoice that you know us all individually

and speak our ‘language’.

In this moment, we cannot help but adore and praise your holy name

and rejoice in your love for us. Amen.

A personal prayer

Just as I am, with the love I have,

with the love of you I know,

so guide me, God, in all I do and in all I am,

to bear fruit for you. Amen.

Live your faith 6-12 May 2018

Read, pray, reflect and live your faith this week

This week’s Bible readings John 15.9-17 Acts 10.44-48 1 John 5.1-6

No Turning Back

Notes on the Bible readings

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Live your faith

Start a conversation with someone you don’t know this week, and find out what you have in common.

If you can watch the YouTube clip ‘Take a seat, make a friend’ (Click on the link).

Questions for reflection

▶▶ What other signs of friendship can you think of?

▶▶ What are the responsibilities of being a friend?

▶▶ How can we reach out to others with different


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