Moorland Park Methodist Church is part of the Lincoln Methodist Circuit and The Methodist Church in Britain

Sunday 11th February 2018

Welcome & notices

Introduction and Call to worship

CSB 11:                  Be still, for the Presence of the Lord

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Young people’s talk.

CSB 25:                  Father we Love You (sung seated)

Prayers of Adoration and Confession

CSB 77:                  Lord the Light of Your love is Shining

Offering and dedication


Bible Reading   Romans 12: 9–21

CSB 23:                 Father, I Place into Your Hands

Prayers of intercession

CSB 14:                 Bind us Together Lord.


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Circuit day of Prayer and Fasting Ash Wednesday 14th February

(this is as a response to the Connexional call to fast and pray as a body of Methodist people).

Moorland Park will be open 11am to 12 noon on this Wednesday, 14th February for a time of prayer.  You are encouraged to join in praying and fasting during this hour in the way most appropriate to you. If possible come to Moorland Park. (If you need transport have a word with Sheila B) or set aside a time of prayer during this hour at home or where-ever you find yourself. (All churches in the circuit are being asked to be open for prayer for an hour during the day). The day will then culminate with a Circuit Service at Swallowbeck Methodist church at 7.00pm with Rev Alan Swann as the speaker.